What Everybody Ought To Know About Olympic Weight Plates

If you are into weightlifting so much, you need to know the difference of Olympic weight plates and the regular standard plates. Not only they are different in designs, the whole set is also different. Of course you can expect differences in price tags and implementation as well.

Olympic Weight Plates vs Standard Plates 

The standard weight is the weightlifting equipment mostly used in home gyms. It comes with standard bar diameter which fits to the standard plates. The diameter of the bar is usually around 1 inch in the middle, but it will be different on the ends.

  • Standard bar usually has 1 inch diameter on the ends, which can be used to accommodate 1 inch plates holes. If you use Olympic plates, they will be loose as the plates are generally bigger. But when you buy Olympic adapter sleeve, the plates will fit nicely and firmly.
  • Olympic bar usually comes with 2 inches diameter for the ends. Naturally, the plates come with 2 inches diameter holes, which are bigger than the standard plates and bar.

There are some perks of having Olympic plates. They are:

  • Sturdy structure. Since this kind of equipment is used in international events like the Olympics, you can be sure that the structure and quality are just the best. Standard bar may bend with weights over 200 lbs, but Olympic bar won’t.
  • Better accuracy. Olympic plates are designed through meticulous and careful process. Since most of them are made through careful process, you won’t find cheap or cheesy quality. Everything will be perfectly fit.
  • Better stability. Olympic bar is generally thicker as well as heavier on both ends. It won’t easily tip over, even when unbalanced weight happens.
  • Bumper plate existence. Bumper plates are only available for Olympic plates. The plates are covered in thick rubber, so they are completely safe when dropped. Unlike iron plates, they won’t cause damage or crack.
  • Various additional options. The Olympic bar comes with various grip plates options. You can choose the urethane plates or the rubber one.

Choosing Olympic Weight Plates 

If you are serious about your weightlifting activity, you’d better invest in Olympic weights set. You can have the bar with several options of plates in different weights. The plates generally start from 300 pounds and add up. Yes, you will have to pay more, but it is a worthy investment if you are serious about it. However, if you aren’t really into weightlifting, choosing the standard set will be better as it is more economical and easily purchased.

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You also have the option to choose bumper plates or the steel ones. Bumper plates are basically safer and long lasting, thanks to the thick rubber cover. But steel plates are usually cheaper and you can easily find them in secondhand market. Not many people sell secondhand bumper plates, so you may have to buy the new one. If you want to get the perfect Olympic weight plates for your needs, be sure to consider your budget and your requirements; otherwise, it will go into waste.

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