Why Do You Need Sports Gloves during Training

You may be wondering why you should be wearing sports gloves during your exercise. For some people, these gloves can really improve their performance while making them look chic and stylish at the same time. Not many people understand the importance of wearing such gloves. If you are interested to wear one, know your facts beforehand.

Why Sports Gloves? 

When exercising, often times you are required to hold on into something – mostly fitness equipments like baseball bats, bike handles, golf clubs, or barbells. The sports gloves can provide better grip or hold, while protecting your hand at the same time. So, the basic benefits of wearing such sporting gloves are:

  • Provide better grip so you can have firmer and better hold
  • Protect your hand from calluses or damage
  • Enhance your performance and provide better barrier from vibration caused by these equipments
  • Improve safety awareness from slipping because of sweaty palms

If you want to wear the right gloves, be sure that the material you choose is breathable. Having a very solid and enclosed fabric isn’t good because it will accumulate sweat and create odor in the end. You don’t want to have smelly hands, do you?

How to Choose the Perfect Sports Gloves 

When you want to get the perfect gloves, be sure to choose comfortable and breathable gloves. Always try them on, and feel the padding – does it feel good on you or not? After all, such gloves are available in two main models: the full finger and the short finger. Softball and baseball players, tennis players, horseback riders, or golfers usually wear the full finger versions because the gloves have enclosed padding to prevent calluses and blisters. Bodybuilders and weightlifters usually choose the short finger version because of the more convenient grip. Bike riders or motorcycle riders may choose the short or full finger version. If it is cold, they tend to use the full version; while the short version is used when it is warm or hot.

Sports Gloves Selection

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These tips can also help you decide which gloves are the best for you.

  • The material. Most gloves are coming in neoprene or leather. Decide which one works best for you; allowing your fingers to breathe.
  • The grip. It is important if you want to have firmer hold.
  • The size. Choosing too tight or too loose gloves is a big no-no. Being too loose will increase the possibility of slipping. Being too tight will limit your movement; hence, limiting your performance.
  • The wrist support. Do you need it? If you are doing weightlifting, such support is crucial to prevent injury.