Weight Loss Tips: How to Include High Intensity Interval Training to Help You Shed off Extra Pounds

If you have been dealing with weight issue and you always fail, no matter how hard you try, then maybe you haven’t done the correct High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to help you solve your problem. Most people think that the combination of regular exercise with the common cardio type and diet planning can help but you can’t really beat your own system if you don’t start this HIIT type of training. Moreover, this exercise is very beneficial to burn off extra fat pile deposit so you can look leaner and firmer.

Weight loss Tips: Understanding HIIT Training    

One of the most helpful weight loss tips is to do HIIT training program. You see, when you have piled those fat for quite some time, they are becoming more difficult to get rid off. Doing regular training won’t be enough because they will only burn off the calories that you have JUST consumed; not the calories that and fat deposit that you have piled long before.

The basic principle of doing HITT exercise is to exercise strenuously for certain amount of time and then you stop and have a rest for a few minutes. After that, you continue that strenuous exercise again until you have reached several cycles in your exercise period. There are several purposes why you should do this type of training:

  • First, your body is taught not to enjoy ‘comfort zone’ so it won’t develop resistance toward yourself. If you exercise regularly, over time your body will get used to it and start developing its regular ‘habit’. It won’t be able to burn off calories as efficient as before and you hit constant plateau in your exercise moment. This is definitely not something that you want if you want to shed off extra pounds.
  • The HIIT exercise is quite flexible. It can be combined with any kinds of exercise types. You can do it with treadmill workouts. In fact, it is good to include the exercise into the treadmill routine because you can really make use of the incline and speed features provided by the machine. Of course, you can also have other combos, like swimming – resistance or aerobic – resistance workout.
  • The HIIT exercise pushes you to work harder before it allows you to rest. The resting period is important because it allows you to perform better in the next level. You are taught to push higher, better, and stronger.

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Another cool thing about HIIT exercise is that it always requires energy – lots of them, actually – and where do you get these energies? From the calories you have consumed and also from your fat deposit. When the body senses that it doesn’t have anything left, it will turn to fat deposit as extra fuel and use it up to keep you running. So, another weight loss tips that you should remember is that you need to do HIIT routine if you want to lose weight healthily and naturally.

How to Plan the Treadmill Workouts 

So, how to do the treadmill workouts by involving HIIT training?

  • First, you need to choose a certain setting where you can do through for a minute. It is better to choose the most challenging level, so you would feel as if you were just trying to catch a running train after you finish.
  • After that harsh one minute, lower down the level so you can walk easily and in relaxed manner for about two minutes without the difficulty to talk. In this recovery period, your heart beat is still high but you should be ready to hit the harsh period again.
  • A harsh period and a recovery period are counted as one cycle. Try doing about 5 to 8 cycles every time you exercise.

The weight loss tips may seem easy, but don’t underestimate its effectiveness in helping you lose weight. Don’t forget to do warming-up and cooling-down.…