Take Advantage of Protein Bar: Facts to Know

Protein bar has become a popular choice for those who want to fulfill their craving between meal times as well as keeping them energized. Athletes or sports fans like to consume when during their exercise so they stay energized. People who want to lose weight consume the bar so they won’t be hungry. People in general like it because it is a good – and also healthier option of – snack between meal times. However, there are some facts that you need to know about these protein bars in order to maintain your health – and figure.

The Benefits of Protein Bar

There are some general advantage of protein bar you can enjoy:

  • Meal replacement. If you are looking for a bar for meal replacement, be sure that it is high in fiber and protein. It can really help reduce calories and control portion. Of course, this kind of replacement can’t last for longer term as the bar itself can’t supply antioxidant and nutrients you need.
  • Snack. When you consume a bar between meals, you can reduce the possibility of overeating. You can satisfy your craving while trying to avoid drastic spike in your blood sugar.
  • Workout support. With the right bar, you can provide enough nutrients your body needs. When you consume one before exercising, you can experience stable energy level. When you consume one after exercising, you can repair muscle tear and generate new tissue.
  • Convenience. Such bar can be easily carried around without fuss. They are small and can be eaten quite fast by active or busy professionals.

Choosing the Healthy Protein Bar 

There are loads of protein bar products out there, but many of them are actually high in sugar. When you want to buy a bar, be sure that you always read the ingredients. Some of them have quite high calorie – despite the ‘healthy’ label – because they have high level of added sugar. Not to mention that some products may come with sugar alcohols. They have relatively low calories than sugar, but it doesn’t make the bar calorie free.

To get the best protein bar for your needs, here are some tips that can help you:

  • Be sure that the bar you choose has 20 grams protein – at least. If you read the label and the protein is less than 20 grams, the bar is probably another sweet candy to satisfy your craving. 20 grams should be enough to give protein nutrients that your muscles need.It is better to choose a bar with whey protein. Whey or casein blend is the best quality.

Find a bar with less ingredients. If you find more than 20 ingredients packed together, it’s better to ditch such protein bar because it won’t do you any good.…