Why Have Protective Floor Mats for Your Home Gym Equipment?

If you have your own personal home gym, you may want to consider installing protective floor mats to protect your floor from the heavy machines and equipments. It is quite common for home owners with personal home gym to customize the room, making it look similar to the commercial gym. Adding the floor mat is another way to not only protect the floor, but also improve its look. There are different materials that you can consider of, and some of the reasonable and logical options that suit your needs.

Different Types of Protective Floor Mats 

There are different kinds of protective floor mats to choose based on the materials:

  • Rubber mat, which is considered the most popular and likeable option.
  • Foam mat, which is good for cushioning with easier installation.
  • Bamboo mat, which is good for less heavy instruments and solid cushioning for floor exercises like aerobics or Yoga.

If you have various heavy free weight machines, you can consider choosing rubber mat that is more durable. The machines will scratch the floor – even make dents on them – when they are not properly cushioned. With the rubber mat, you don’t have to worry about scraping issue. After all, rubber is known for its durability and also its flexibility. You can buy a big roll or smaller interlocking squares.  Granted that it is more expensive than other types, but it is worth the purchase.

Foam mat may not be as strong as the rubber, but it is certainly lighter and also cheaper. Since it is easily installed and removed, it is good for temporary floor covering. However, foam tends to tear when used to cushion heavy machines. It can easily curl up as well.

Bamboo mat is best used when you use only a few machines and make use of the available space for body resistance type of training. It is soft and yet durable, but it won’t be suitable for your home gym with lots of heavy machines.

 Maintaining the Protective Floor Mats 

When you want to make sure that your protective floor mats will be long lasting, here are the things you should do:

  • When the mat is delivered during winter, don’t unroll it within 24 hours. Make sure it has stayed in room temperature for 24 hours, or you will cause damage to the outer coating and foam of the mat.
  • When cleaning the mat, make sure to wipe it first and then use a special cleaner with neutral pH content.

It is important to clean the underneath part of the mat as mildew and moisture can build up over long period of usage. Not only the build-up can damage the mat, it can also damage the underneath floor.…