How to Choose Plyometric Boxes in order to Engage in Plyometric Boxes Exercises

Using plyometric boxes can really help increasing the speed and power, is you really know how to do it. By combining the boxes and plyometric box exercises, you should be able to boost your performance and strength.

Understanding Plyometric and Usage of Plyometric Boxes

Plyometric is a type of strength training exercise involving explosive and quick movements in order to improve power and speed. Strength training work out is generally done in slow and long movement to improve muscle mass and strength, but not with plyometrics. This kind of exercise is divided into three main phases:

  • The first one is the eccentric phase which involves quick muscle lengthening movements.
  • The second one is the amortization phase, which is resting period – only short, though.
  • The third one is the concentric phase, which involves explosive muscles shortening period.

All these three periods should be done as quickly as possible. The main goal of this exercise is to reduce the time in between phase eccentric and concentric. You can expect yourself to  be more powerful and faster by doing so.

The plyometric box itself is a sturdy and solid platform – usually made of metal or wooden – designed for plyometric training for the lower body. With it you can jump, hurdle, and many more. It is important to you get the basic first, like jumping and then landing with both feet, or jump marches and single leg landing. When you get the basic, you can increase the challenge by using higher box, change the jumping direction, add the distance, and such thing alike. You can also start doing upper body exercise, so you can experience full body endurance and power.

To accomplish the full body training, you may need another set of plyometrix boxes. The problem with the box is that it can be quite expensive – especially if you need more than one. To overcome the budget issue, the adjustable plyometric boxes are created. The boxes can come in single form with adjustable height, which can be beneficial and effective for the training. You can also choose having metal frame box or the wooden one.

  • Metal box is sturdier, more portable, and easier to store. But it is more expensive.
  • Wooden box is cheaper, but it is not as good as the metal – although it is quite reliable and okay.

Plyometric Boxes and the Training

This kind of exercise can be done twice or three times a week. It is advisable that it is done in non consecutive days since your body will need to rest between the workout sessions. The routine can start with low impact exercise with 100 ground contacts per session. It can be divided into 10 box jump (4 sets) and 20 power step-up (2 sets). It is set for beginners. As you show better progress, you can increase the challenge.

It is important that you get the right guidance from the right professional. Plyometric training may seem simple and easy, but it is not as easy as you think. Moreover, it can be dangerous and risky if you are careless.…