Why Have Amino Acids Nutrition?

You may be wondering what the fuss about amino acids is anyway, and why they are very important. You know that protein is the building blocks of our body and our system. Without protein, it would be impossible to repair damaged or broken tissues and organs, or to build a new one to replace the old ones. Without protein, don’t expect to have perfect condition because there won’t be any repair or build for the system. Well, amino acid is a part of protein. Without it, there won’t be any protein processing and synthesis.

About Amino Acids

As it was mentioned before, amino acids are the smallest building blocks of protein. They are macronutrients that hold very important role in your well-being state. It is safe to say that besides making proteins, they also support metabolism and help restore the energy when you don’t have enough fats or carbs. They also protect the heart and improve your overall health.

You see, when the cells n your body need protein, they will follow the instruction from DNA to build it. DNA will define the specific amount of amino acid required and the building orders, so these acids can connect according to the required manner. DNA works together with RNA to build protein. RNA will copy the required code from DNA, leave the cell in order to find the required amino acid, and then bring them back into to cell, so those acids will create a chain or bind. All the required amino acid should be available or the synthesis process will be hampered. When the bind completes, it will twist and fold into a special, particular shape. The chemical structure from the acid will determine the final shape and also the function of protein.

Other Roles of Amino Acids

Besides building protein, here are other roles of the amino acids:

  • Synthesize neurotransmitter. Some amino acids do produce neurotransmitters, but the most popular ones are the tyrosine and tryptophan. Tyrosine makes adrenalin and norepinephrine; while tryptophan makes serotonin, which is responsible for the mood. It also makes melatonin. Tyrosine and tryptophan both compete to one another to get to your brain. When you consume loads of carbs, your brain will get more tryptophan, and you will be sleepy. But when you consume loads of protein, your brain gets more tyrosine, and you will get more energy,
  • Protect the heart. This acid is used to make nitric oxide, which help making the blood vessels relaxed, leading to lower blood pressure. It also avoids atherosclerosis, by slowing and removing the possibility of plaque development on the blood arteries.
  • Help metabolism. Carbs and fats are used for energy, but in emergency situation, amino acid can be used too.

Amino acids nutrition is important because it determines the quality of the protein being built. Naturally, if the acid is poor in quality, you can’t really expect the protein to be as perfect, can you? Moreover, you need around 20 types of amino acids. 11 of them can be made by your body, but 9 should come from your consumption. That’s why you are advised to consume animal products as well as plant based foods.…